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Christopher Hitchens, journalist, author, contrarian, some might say literary badass, was known for throwing his intellect around and for taking some rather unpopular stands and if you hated him for that... well then he was just fine with it. But Hitchens' work had been featured in some highly respected publications and he was contributing editor at Vanity Fair. He was born in Portsmouth, England and as the story goes his mom said "if there's going to be an upper class in this country then Christopher is going to be in it."

So Hitchens went to a fancy private school, later studied at Oxford, started writing in the 70s, and for a long time, he was a staple of the left-wing media. But after 9/11 things started to change. Hitch supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and he took a stand against the so-called liberal media. In fact, he ended his twenty-year relationship with the magazine called The Nation because of it.

He moved to New York, took the political right, and in his lifetime he fixed his devastating gaze on the likes of Henry Kissinger, the Clintons, and even Mother Theresa. When he wrote about public figures and politics people listened, but his most lasting legacy may be his atheism. His most notable book on atheism is God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Christopher Hitchens died at a hospital in Houston, Texas on the 15th of December, 2011. He ended his reign as perhaps the most articulate and contrarian intellectual of his generation.