The Internet Warriors

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What can be driving so many people, all over the world, to use the Internet to threaten, bully, and offend others? Does their online behavior say anything about how they really are in person? From world leaders and influential individuals to refugees, terrorists and ordinary men and women, hundreds of millions of posts are written every day by people from all walks of life all around the globe.

Meet the people who write angry posts. They lash out against governments, celebrities, immigrants, religious groups, and society in general. They often laugh as they re-read the things they wrote and they don’t really care how others take it. One woman states that one has to be very insecure to get offended by something somebody writes on the Internet. But doesn’t it say the exact same thing about a person who hides behind a screen and types out insults?

One man is angry with the government because he has had to pay thousands of pounds to get his wife into the country, while refugees are openly granted asylum. Another man says that identifying with his own race and wanting to preserve it does not make him a racist. He tweets his disagreement with children of different races being allowed to mix in school. He fears that this will encourage them to intermarry.

Then there’s the woman who is very adamant about putting an end to animal cruelty, while at the same time expresses her rejection and anger against Muslims. She even goes so far as suggesting that the world would have been a better place if Hitler had taken care of them.

A Syrian refugee, who admits to spending 24 hours a day on Facebook, posts ‘America is the world’s destruction’. He is well aware that if he had written something like that about the Syrian government, he would have vanished without a trace.

A man wearing a patriotic jumpsuit referred to Mexican immigrants as ‘Burrito Jalapeno illegals backpacking’. A woman claims that her 75-year-old mother also spends a lot of time on social media commenting. She believes that LGBT people are unnatural and abnormal. She isn’t afraid of stating her opinion any chance she gets.

Ironically, these men and women recognize how harsh and offensive their words are, but they are convinced that they have every right to let out their emotions.