The Ken and Barbie Killers

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Paul Bernado and Karla Homolka were Canadian serial killers who attracted worldwide media attention when they were convicted of raping and murdering teenage girls, including Karla's own sister, Tammy Homolka.

These two serial killers are part of a fairly exclusive group of killers that killed as a couple. Paul Bernardo also admitted raping numerous other women over a period of years, and he eventually brought Karla into the mix. The question most people have when they hear of these murders, is why did Karla do it?

The answers to those questions are ones that we may never have all the answers to, but we certainly have a few. Karla was an active participant in the murders, and even participated sexually alongside and with the girls, mostly for Paul’s affection and at his urging. This was the basis behind Karla’s defense and her reasoning to strike a plea bargain that allowed for her current release. Karla Homolka served only twelve years in prison for her part in the murders.

One thing that we know for certain is that Karla was abused heavily by Paul Bernardo both physically and mentally in their relationship. The record clearly shows brutal beatings and horrible mental abuse perpetrated by Paul Bernardo. The puzzling part of this, however, is that Karla never attempted to get out. She came from a supportive family that surely would have tried to protect her. Could it be that she was afraid of Paul hurting them or her anyway?