The Killing of America

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This timeless shockumentary (made in 1982 and restricted 18+) has never been released, distributed, televised nor made available for sale in the USA. America is the only industrialized nation with a higher murder rate than countries ravaged by civil wars, like Cambodia or Nicaragua. There is an attempted murder every 3 minutes and a murder victim every 20 minutes. Japan, England and West Germany with a combined population equal to America have 6,000 murders a year and America has 27,000 a year.

In the first 80 years of the 20th century, America has had more than a million murders, more than all her fatalities in all her wars. No place seems safe not even the street; no person feels safe not even the president. The American Dream seemed to come true not long ago: big cars, big houses, big everything. But not everyone could get an equal share of the dream. Though it seemed impossible they existed side by side - America the beautiful and America the violent. The turning point was November 22, 1963, the day the American Dream of freedom was wedded to the American Nightmare of murder, the day when John Kennedy was assassinated.

Martin Luther King tried to heal the sickness of racial hatred and won the Nobel Prize for urging a violent land to turn away from violence, but the answer he got was more violence. On April 4, 1968, Dr King was assassinated. The murder of Martin Luther King triggered riots in 125 cities. Police needed the help of 45,000 soldiers as the government fought a war with its own people. Then another series of battle lines were created by the growing hatred of the war in Vietnam.

George Wallace had a good chance to defeat Richard Nixon until one day in Maryland, May 15, 1972. Wounded four times Wallace survived and was confined to a wheelchair for life losing the chance to be elected. Though hard to believe, presidential elections were then being decided by killers.

Robert Kennedy appealed to young and old, black and white, students and workers, and he was trying to end the violence that began with the murder of his brother. On June 14, 1968, he has won the California Primary and after he finished his victory speech he was shot three times and he died in the hospital.

Directed by: Leonard Schrader, Sheldon Renan