The Mona Lisa Curse

2008, Art and Artists  -  75 min Leave a Comment
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The Mona Lisa Curse is a Grierson award-winning polemic documentary by art critic Robert Hughes that examines how the world's most famous painting came to influence the art world.

With his trademark style, Hughes explores how museums, the production of art and the way we experience it have radically changed in the last 50 years, telling the story of the rise of contemporary art and looking back over a life spent talking and writing about the art he loves and loathes.

In these postmodern days, it has been said that there is no more passé a vocation than that of the professional art critic. Perceived as the gatekeeper for opinions regarding art and culture, the art critic has supposedly been rendered obsolete by an ever-expanding pluralism in the art world, where all practices and disciplines are purported to be equal and valid.

Robert Hughes, however, is one art critic who has delivered a message that must not be ignored.