The Mormons

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of America’s fastest-growing religions and, relative to its size, one of the richest.

Church membership, now at over 12 million and growing, sweeps the globe.

But from the moment of its founding in 1830, the church has been controversial. Within a month, it had 40 converts and almost as many enemies.

In the early years, Mormons were hated, ridiculed, persecuted and feared. Yet in the past several decades, the Mormon church has transformed itself from a fringe sect into a thriving religion that embraces mainstream American values; its members include prominent and powerful politicians, university presidents and corporate leaders.

Airdate April 30, 2007, on PBS Frontline. Produced and directed by Helen Whitney.

An introduction to Part I of “The Mormons” that covers the Mormon religion’s birth and evolution in the 19th century.