The Most Extreme Animals

2002, Nature  -  772 min Leave a Comment
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Each episode of The Most Extreme series focuses on a specific animal feature, such as strength, speed, behavior, anatomy, or diet, and examines and ranks ten animals that portray extreme or unusual examples of that quality.

The rankings serve only to give a broad depiction; a scientifically rigorous procedure is not employed to quantify them.

From desert rats to Mexican jumping beans, from miraculous lizards that walk on water to super swift sharks, from anthrax-eating vultures to blood-licking bats, The Most Extreme series examines fighters, gluttons, lovers, jumpers, and more. It also asks who are the top 10 dads, moms or disguises? What about the top 10 body parts?

If you think you're sneaky, just wait until you see the dirtiest rotten scoundrels in the natural world. Are chameleons really the masters of disguise? Are foxes as cunning as we think?

Nurturing 30 babies with only four nipples, laying one of the world's biggest eggs, travelling 4000 miles to find a mate, and literally breaking your back to give birth are just some of the extraordinary reproductive feats of the natural world.