The Next Wave

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One man's little daughter is unaccounted for after the huge tsunami destroyed the nearby town of Okuma, Japan in March 2011. The Government stopped searching for her long time ago. But her father, Norio Kimura, has not and never will. At the same time, in a children's hospital, away from the forbidden zone, parents are hoping doctors won't find what they're looking for - Thyroid cancer.

Testing authorized by the Government has detected frightening spike in the occurrence of thyroid cancer in Fukushima children and while doctors are unwilling to draw an authoritative link between the cancer and the nuclear radiation that spewed from the hazardous power plant, they're for sure genuinely worried.

From the day the tsunami struck, to the final days of his task, Correspondent Mark Willacy has covered every topic of this saga. Now he goes back for one more time to investigate these alarming allegations that a cancer has spread around the radiation area and the victims are children.

It's been long ago since the Earth shook, tsunami came and Fukushima became an infamous place name for nuclear disaster. Okuma was once home to 11,000 people. Now it could be easily used as a set for a Japanese sci-fi or a horror movie. Big new homes are evacuated, emptied and are starting to rot. As if in a twilight zone, cars are parked as they were in 2011. A town that once was prosperous because of the nuclear power, now it's a post-apocalyptic poisonous shadow town.

A huge tsunami hit the shoreline, it destroyed every home in the outskirts of Okuma, caused catastrophe at the nuclear plant two kilometers up the coast and it killed three members of Norio Kumura's family. Regardless of the high radiation readings near the plant, he made a promise never to stop searching for his youngest child Yuna.