The Plague of the Black Debt

2013, Economics  -  48 min Leave a Comment
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Everything about the way you live your life could change very badly. How you save your money, your retirement plan, the way you safeguard your assets... all of these things they believe are under a great danger. They don't make this forecast without evidence, they're simply looking at their research and they're presenting its reasonable results. They apparently did the same when they foresaw the global financial crisis, the property meltdown and the downfall of the banks.

In fact in the 12 years they've been circulating MoneyWeek magazine this is the most genuine warning they've ever made. As you'll see in this documentary film they have exposed a very difficult problem at the center of the financial structure. They believe that the consequences of this problem can't be avoided and the recession, loss of jobs and the turbulence you see right now is only the first stage of the problem. Many people think that this is as bad as it will get but the truth is it's only the start. MoneyWeek says you'll certainly see the ramifications if this terrible problem spread out across Britain. No one will be able to escape the fallout.

In all documented history no country has ever came back from the financial situation that UK finds itself in today. No authority has ever been able to change this trend, no emergency operation has ever come close to a real resolution. This inevitable complication has only ever had one outcome - financial catastrophe.

You can of course try do debunk and dispute every single one of the facts in this documentary, but MoneyWeek are assured enough that you'll find they're correct about each assertion they make. Then you can determine the situation for yourself... will you do something now and take this opportunity to defend yourself and your family from the cataclysm that's unfolding in the financial system?