The Power and the Glory

2002, Mystery  -  50 min Leave a Comment
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Presidents, kings, queens and heroes know that their positions come with power and glory, but it seems that even after death, John F Kennedy, Robert the Bruce and many more, are still revered decades or even centuries later. Mystery adds to the potency of other legendary figures deaths. The princess Pocahontas' grave remains undiscovered, Eva Peron's body caused a government to be overthrown, relatives push for DNA tests for the Vietnam war 'unknown' warrior and the bodies of the murdered Russian imperial family are uncovered. This documentary explores the mysteries that shrouds their deaths and gave them 'immortality' to this day.

John F Kennedy's life and death has taken on a mystical aura in our history. The events surrounding his death have many puzzling details which have had conspiracy theorists chewing on for years. But even after he was buried, there is another twist to these events. John F Kennedy was buried in mahogany casket which was different to the one he was first laid in straight from the morgue. The original bronze casket was obtained by the US government after being stored in the national archives. But the Kennedy family demanded that the casket to be disposed of. The casket which once held JFK was drilled with holes and dropped 130 miles off the coast, into the Atlantic sea. Questions surround this action and to this day, like many other events around JFK's assassination, has never been solved.

The story of a 'king's heart' starts with the hero of the Scots. The popular movie 'Braveheart' was inspired by the Scots courageous battle for freedom against the oppressive English rulers. Robert the Bruce fought to free his people against the tyrannical rein but his dream was to go on a crusade to the Holy land. When he knew he wasn't going to live after contracting leprosy, he commanded that his heart be cut out and taken on a crusade. His army and loyal men carried his heart with them into many battles. Even after death he gave courage to his country. Centuries later a mysterious tin canister was found during an excavation at a Scottish abbey. Inside scientists and researchers discovered remains of a human heart. The heart of the king was reburied at Melrose Abbey and still beats in the hearts of the Scottish people.

Death is not the end for these iconic historical figures but becomes a new twist to their stories. Although they are deceased, their spirits live on and continues to intrigue new generations - all part of the 'power and the glory'.