The Race is On

2019, Environment  -  40 min Leave a Comment
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The race in question is the one we must take to avoid future climate catastrophe. Subtitled Secrets and Solutions, The Race is On paints a stark portrait of the current state of global warming, but offers notes of hopeful idealism as it outlines the power we still possess to save our planet.

Produced in the UK, the film offers insights from top climate scientists who describe our current dilemma and provide evidence-based speculations on what might occur if we do nothing in response.

We see the traces of climate change all around us in the form of heat waves, droughts, severe weather events and rising sea levels. The scientists in the film concur that if meaningful action is not taken, these events will occur far more frequently, and will inevitably place millions of our global citizens at risk while decimating some of the most populated cities around the world. The scientists also speak to scale of the changes required to avoid these harsh predictions, and the amount of time we have to implement them for the betterment of mankind.

According to the film, one of the keys to survival lies in the transformation of how we produce and consume energy. The UK is currently working to embrace this industrial and social revolution. We are told that the popularity of solar panels has increased ten-fold over the past decades, and that wind power currently satisfies about 15% of the country's energy demands. If efforts like these are embraced across the globe, dangerous emissions will be greatly reduced and could retrieve us from the brink of an apocalyptic scenario.

The opportunities are there, but the will must follow. The film explores the need of governments and world economies to adopt and incentivize these innovations, but it also goes much further. Some of the film's most insightful moments come when the narrative shifts to our own personal living habits - how we eat, shop and inhabit the world around us - and how we should demand that our economy models regard us as more than mere consumers.

The Race is On engages its audience on both a scientific and a deeply personal level.

Directed by: Paul Maple