The Real Dr. Evil

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In April, 1992, something extraordinary was about to happen in one dark and uncommunicative state. It was the 80th birthday of the absolute ruler Kim Il-sung. But on that day he was not the centerpiece.... everyone was looking at his anonymous son, Kim Jong-il. North Koreans were about to hear the first speech of their future leader.

When Kim Jong-il was made a head of state he became a God like his father. The myth claimed that the father and his son were supposed to be the life-givers, the true parents of all Koreans. Koreans were enforced to believe this story and to show total submissiveness. The younger Kim always had a hard time to live up to the status of his father... the partisan who established the nation and the country. Kim Jong-il simply couldn't achieve that level; his only right to the throne was inherited.

Kim Jong-il just didn't have the image and the attributes that his father Kim Il-sung had. People were automatically brainwashed to believe almost everything about Kim Il-sung because of his past and the way he rose to power. Kim Il-sung was George Washington of this country.

The main problem Kim Jong-il had was that he was not a politician, like his father was, so people had to build up lies and myths about him that were actually a poor replacement for the fact that he wasn't a politician. For example, one propaganda film tells the story of his birth on the most sacred mountain in Korea.

Koreans had to believe that Kim Jong-il was a pure intelligence sent directly from paradise. They had to repeat and recite this utter nonsense countless of times, but in fact Kim Jong-il's first steps were far from impressive. He was born in the Russian Far East, in 1942, when Sung's Independence Army was running from the Japanese who already conquered Korea. Kim Il-sung was hiding in one remote Siberian village, and his son, Kim Jong-il, grew up among the guerrilla fighters who were conspiring to return to Korea.