The Secret Life of Radovan Karadzic

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The Secret Life of Radovan Karadzic, airs ahead of the imminent resumption of Karadzic's trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Rageh Omaar travels to Serbia and Bosnia to investigate the decade-long period the former president of the Republika Srpska spent in hiding and examines his legacy in present-day Bosnia and beyond.

During a decade on the run, he had cultivated a long white beard and called himself Dragan Dabic. Mr Karadzic, 63, lived in a "very convincing" way using false papers. He even gave public lectures and was a regular health magazine contributor.

Mr Karadzic is reported to have frequently played the Serbian gusle - a one-stringed instrument - in the bar, while singing songs. Masquerading as an expert in human quantum energy, the fugitive was so confident in his disguise he even had his own website, and would give out business cards during alternative medicine lectures.

He reportedly had a girlfriend - a brunette in her forties known only as Mila - who he said was an associate at his alternative medicine practice.

A neighbour described Mr Karadzic as a polite man who always said hello. Billed as Dabic, Spiritual Explorer, Mr Karadzic gave lectures comparing meditation and silent techniques practised by Orthodox monks. He spoke in Belgrade, and also in the town of Smederevo, east of the capital. Mila frequently accompanied him on speaking engagements.