The Secrets of Sugar

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For years we’ve been warned about the dangers of eating too much fat or too much salt. Most people try to be conscious of this when grocery shopping. They automatically reach for the ‘low fat’ or ‘low salt’ versions of the foods they want to buy. However, obesity continues to increase at an alarming rate as well as the diseases that it triggers. This can only mean one thing. But in spite of research that is now suggesting that sugar may be the main culprit in making us fatter and sicker, the warnings are not taken seriously and there are no recommended limits for sugar on Canadian food labels.

In this episode, Gillian Findlay exposes research results that reveal the shocking truth about sugar that the sugar industry has been hiding from consumers. Studies show that on average, Canadians consume 26 teaspoons of sugar per person per day. This amounts to 40 kilos a year, which is the equivalent of 20 bags. Sugar is what sweetens the products and spikes the profits of some of the best-known and most powerful companies in the world. Sugar is the basic ingredient of 99% of the processed foods that are available. This is because it makes the product much more appealing and tasty. In order to create a food that will sell more, they simply add more sugar.

The dangerous part is that most of the sugar we eat is hidden in foods that we don’t necessarily think of as sweet. Foods such as condiments, soups, and sausages contain ridiculous amounts of sugar. Could this hidden ingredient be the reason for our expanding waistlines?

Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist states that if we are to choose which is worst between fat and sugar, we have to conclude that the sugar is a thousand times worse. He continues to say that our food supply has been altered and adulterated under our noses and in plain sight over the past 30 years. The fat is going down, the sugar is going up, and we’re all getting sick.