The Seeker

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The search for truth led one man into the Amish community, and the end of that search led him back out. Kenneth Copp grew up with parents who had been Lutheran but converted to the Pentecostal faith, where the belief was that one never questioned the Bible. The Pentecostals taught that until one could speak in tongues, one was not fully a Christian. Speaking in tongues, they believed, was God’s way of communicating with them.

When Copp discovered the Amish he was impressed. It seemed like the true teachings of Christ; if the Bible said it, they did it. Their quiet version of Christianity was directly opposed to the wild, ecstatic Pentecostal form of worship. He was deeply attracted to that peacefulness, and so at the age of 17, he was baptized into an austere Amish community.

Kenneth enjoyed the simplicity of his life in the community. Soon he got married and had ten healthy children.

Some years later Kenneth Copp started reading the Bible for the first time as it was required of him to lead his family into daily readings and discussions. As he was going through the book of Genesis, everything started falling apart; it just didn’t make sense to him. He found that there were a lot of contradictions between chapters, a few ethical issues, and some misogynistic views.

The pressing question on his mind became whether God is real or just a figment of our imagination. The answer he found to that question changed his life forever.