The Smash Brothers

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Made out of nine short episodes, this documentary series (The Smash Brothers) is possibly one of the best e-Sport documentary films of all time. The complete world of Smash Bros. is unraveled and producers have successfully elaborated why competitive players like this casual game. Smash Bros. was never meant to be competitive game.

It's a Nintendo simple game designed for an average gamer. But the flexibility and intensity that players found in this game turned out to be compelling and the game has become one of the uncelebrated basis of competitive gaming. This is a story about The Smash Brothers, starting with the detection of one bug that would revise the way the game was played, and continuing with the unbelievable stories about the world's best players.

A friend of the producer is coming over to play Smash Brothers: Melee. He considers himself to be pretty good having played the game for several years. What he doesn't know is he's about to play Korean DJ, one of the greatest Melee players of all time.

Each player has four lives or stocks and must take all of his opponent stocks to win. KDJ will lose three on purpose, and then he'll start to play... for real. KDJ then invited the cameraman to fight... and then the producer. How is it possible for someone to be so fast and so precise that even three opponents would be no match?

This is about a game that was never designed to be played at a competitive level, and the people who discovered just how far the game could go. But mostly this is about the seven greatest players who in their time ruled the world.

When Smash Brothers: Melee was released it was intended to be a party game. Something your family could play together, something designed for the casual gamer. The game was stocked with Nintendo characters most people would recognize: Donkey Kong, Mario, Bowser, Captain Falcon, etc.