The Truth About Food

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Every day we are bombarded with messages about food. What to eat and what not to eat, but what can science tell us? To test the effects of food in our bodies BBC commissioned top scientists from around the world.

How to be healthy. News presenter Fiona Bruce is going to find out how a simple change in diet can make all the difference to what keeps you healthy. To find out the truth about food Fiona is leaving the newsroom to put herself at the hearth of the 4 innovative food trials and investigate how she can improve her own well-being.

How to be sexy. Comedian Vic Reeves with the help of his wife Nancy finds out which foods can improve your sex life and boost your fertility. Nancy has agreed to let Vic to take part in a series of groundbreaking food trials to discover the power of food to turn you on or put you off.

How to feed your kids. Jan Ravens will get tips from four investigations which will transform what you think you know about kids and food. Jan is going to put her own family at the hearth of a quest to discover how to transform kids from veggie-haters into health-food-commissars.

How to be slim. DJ and party girl, Andrea Oliver, gets top dieting tips from the latest science. What she learns will transform what you think you know about losing weight. She's going to revolutionize her diet based on top tips gleaned from the scientific research.

How to stay young and beautiful. Liza Tarbuck is going to find out how a few simple changes in diet could help slowdown the aging process. The way Liza ages will be on display for all to see making her more aware of her looks.

How to be the best. Colin Jackson is going to find out what to eat to be the best in whatever job you do. Colin is convinced that one of the factors in his wining recipe was diet.