The Twinkles: Chasing Perfection

2013, Sports  -  63 min Leave a Comment
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In the world of all-star cheerleading, crying isn't allowed, and perfection is required. No one knows better than the 32 girls that make up The Twinkles, an elite youth cheerleading team from Freehold New Jersey. In this documentary, we see that the competitive and demanding world of cheerleading is as real as it is glittery. After having missed the championship for six years The Twinkles are driven more than ever to regain their title and live in all the glitz, glory and recognition that goes with being the NCA Champions.

The girls that make up the elite Twinkles team, ranging in age from 8 to 12, is the top of the youth cheerleaders in the nation and are some of the most talented young athletes in the world. As natural competitors, the girls that make up this top-notch team travel the country competing at national competitions and are all in pursuit of just one thing: The championship jacket that each team member gets for placing first in the World Cup of All Star Cheerleading. With constant pressure from their parent's coaches and teammates, these girls sacrifice it all and train with such determination and tenacity, they rival the drive of most professional athletes.

Preceded by their national reputation as the best squad in the country, this documentary gives an eye-opening look into what each of The Twinkles girls go through each day as all-star cheerleaders to achieve their goal. From choreography to hairspray and makeup, these up and coming Jersey girls are as sassy as they are obsessed. For them, cheerleading is a way of life that dictates everything they do.

The coaches, cheer moms and for some of them, cheer dads, deliver immense support, encouragement and in some cases harsh critiques of these budding superstars. From the moment these girls learn to walk, they are groomed and trained to be the best. Having had their sisters, mothers and grandmas excel at cheerleading before them, many of these young girls are working to live up to a legacy status of cheerleading.

Learning routine after routine, each with new challenges that test the girls both mentally and physically, some of them begin to crack and cut from the exclusive Twinkles team. As we follow the lives of these preteen chiselled athletes through a gruelling cheerleading season, we see just how hard they have to push themselves to, in cheerleading terms, stay on top of the pyramid.