The Unknown World

2005, Nature  -  60 min Leave a Comment
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Photographer Lennart Nilsson has built a career out of taking pictures of things most folks never see.

Using special microscopic lens technology, Nilsson is able to magnify the smallest creatures until they take on the appearance of mammoth monsters, and this documentary gives him a chance to bring his photographs to life.

The Unknown World is centered around film footage shot by Nilsson of insects, allowing viewers to see the bugs in a whole new perspective as ladybugs chase aphids, larvae take on a piece of clothing, and silverfish make their way through a home.

They're hiding in your closet. They're lurking in your bed. They're all over you--snacking on your skin, burrowing through your scalp, munching on your mascara.

They're the creepy crawlers of the unknown world, and now - thanks to micro-photographer Lennart Nilsson, who brought us The Miracle of Life - you can (shudder) catch these critters in the act, magnified to monster size.