The Vice Guide to The Congo

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From the comfort of your computer, embark on a journey to The Democratic Republic of Congo, notorious for being one of the most dangerous, poorest, and corrupt countries on the planet. The folks at Vice Magazine visit the Congo to try and understand first-hand how the Congolese society has been turned upside down.

The country is also has about 80% of the world’s Coltan supply, a mineral that is used in the production of nearly every cell phone and computer. Coltan has been one of the central contributing factors to the county’s corruption because of it’s high monetary value. Armed rebel groups are employing child laborers to extract the Coltan and are using the profits to fund their violent wars.

In this documentary, The Vice Guide to The Congo, we visit clandestine Coltan mines, meet shady government officials, and even have a face to face meeting with a rebel leader that claims to have magic powers from God. Highly recommended.