The Waiting Room

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Imagine going for a regular mammogram and then getting called to go back in for deeper examination. Then imagine having to hear your doctor tell you that he’s 90% sure that the results show a tumor and it’s breast cancer.

Imagine having to cancel plans, change around your schedule, and call up your friends and family to tell them that you have breast cancer. Then imagine hearing that once the cancer is in the lymph node there is a possibility that it’s everywhere else. And you look back on your life and wonder what went wrong.

You wonder if this is something you brought on yourself or if it’s just luck. Bad luck. You have a teenage son and you wonder how he’s coping with the possibilities that cancer suddenly introduces into his life. And you want him to just continue being a kid and not allow what’s going on to force him to become an adult before his time.

The fear of the treatment is just as deep as the fear of the disease. We’ve all seen chemotherapy patients wither down to a mere whisper, suffer beyond words, and then still die. In fact, the expert says that in this case chemo only adds 3% to the five-year survival expectations. So is it worth it?