There Are No Gods

2011, Religion  -  11 min Leave a Comment
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A three-part series of responses by TheraminTrees about his former religious beliefs, and his current non-religious ones - specifically, which divine concepts he affirmatively believe to be false, and which concepts he consider unknowable.

Basically this three-part series looks at: 1. What he believed when he was a theist, 2. Concepts for gods he affirmatively believe do not exist, and 3. Concepts for god he believe to be unknowable.

From the author: I'm gonna try to cover a range of ideas over three videos. It won't be exhaustive, but hopefully it will give a decent enough feel for the scope of where I'm coming from.

What I believed encompassed a lot. My beliefs evolved substantially over my time as a Christian. For brevity I'm gonna break it down into three broad phases.

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