There Is a Rhino In My House

2011, Nature  -  44 min Leave a Comment
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There is a Rhino in my House is a documentary exploring the heartwarming story of John and Judy Travers, a Zimbabwean couple, at the Imire Safari Ranch, who have devoted their lives to saving from extinction one of the rarest mammals on Earth.

When a tragic turn of events leaves an adorable baby rhino, a tiny warthog and a hyper hyena orphaned, native Zimbabwean Judy Travers takes on the mammoth task of raising all three - in her home!

Imire Safari Ranch is one of the first farms to offer homes to young orphan elephants and has instigated research to improve handling and teaching elephants in order for them to be ridden and to work on farms.

Tucked away in Eastern Zimbabwe, Imire Safari Ranch is conservationists John and Judy's 11,000 acre game park and they have made it their lives' work to give rescued wild animals a home here.