Time Lapse From Space

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Around the world in 80 days? How about around the world in 7 minutes!  This short video footage is space eye candy. Using time lapsing technology, you can try to spot your house form 250 miles above the Earth.

This film was shot by the International Space Station while it journeyed around the Earth at an incredible speed of 17,500 miles per hour.  You will not feel like a spectator but like one of the crew members above the Earth.  This short video is set to the music of Peter Gabriel.

The areas covered include:

1:06 Europe to the Indian Ocean
1:35 United States of America
2:01 Aurora Australis over Madagascar
2:26 Central Africa to Russia
2:44 Europe to the Middle East
3:00 Hurricane Katia
3:10 New Zealand to the Pacific Ocean
3:38 Northwest U.S. to South America
4:10 Aurora over Australia
4:34 North America to South America
5:05 Mexico to the Great Lakes
5:16 Hurricane Irene
5:22 California to Hudson Bay
5:38 Tanzania to Southern Ocean
6:00 Central Africa to the Middle East
6:15 Chile to Brazil
6:25 Africa to the Mediterranean Sea
6:37 Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan