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One day Mr. Bharde sees a vendor selling chicks to boys and girls and decides that one of those would make a fun toy for his two cats. Little did he know that he was bringing a bully with wings into his home!

For six months the rooster terrorized every family member and even the cats. Not to mention the fact that it would poo anywhere and anytime and it was a hassle having to walk behind it cleaning up its brown watery mess.

The rooster pecked at everybody in the house, ate the cats’ food, and even chased them around, setting himself up as lord and master of the apartment.

Mr. Bharde’s wife and sons are a little afraid of the bird, but they tolerate it because they are aware that it probably reminds Bharde of his boyhood days playing in the dirt with chickens and roosters. But they don’t like the pet one bit and would not miss it at all if somebody suddenly decided to make a meal out of it. A parrot, owl or even an eagle would make a better pet than that rooster. Find out what happens to it.

Directed by: Rishi Chandna