UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

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One by one, a succession of long-retired United States Air Force veterans stepped to the podium. Their accounts were eerily similar and equally far-fetched. In a presentation before the National Press Club in 2010, these honorable servicemen admitted to having first-hand knowledge of UFO sightings, each of which occurred in close proximity to their military bases during the height of the Cold War. UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed investigates their claims by presenting never-before-revealed documents and riveting eyewitness testimonies.

These veterans, and hundreds of others just like them, have confirmed sightings near military bases, test areas, research laboratories and missile silos. The areas in question spanned the countryside from Tennessee to Montana to California. In many of these instances, the presence of the UFOs temporarily disabled the nuclear weaponry housed at each site. This phenomenon was not limited to the U.S.; it was experienced by members of Soviet military forces as well.

Who or what piloted these unidentified flying objects, and why were they so intensely focused on monitoring and manipulating the emerging nuclear technologies of both countries? Utilizing documents which were recently declassified under the Freedom of Information Act, the filmmakers discover that reports of these sightings began in the lead up to the first atomic bomb tests. After recording more than 150 eyewitness accounts, the correlations became clear between the emergence of these objects and their preoccupation with the most destructive examples of modern war weaponry.

The film delves into the highest profile sightings in convincing detail, including the reports of 148 unidentified objects surrounding a Wyoming facility in 1965. Each interview subject speaks to the shapes and activities of these objects, the ominous involvement of the CIA agents who worked to dismiss these sightings, and the campaigns of misinformation and denial the organization employed to soothe growing public skepticism.

Bolstered by four decades of research compiled by UFO enthusiast Robert Hastings, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed will no doubt prove irresistible to conspiracy-minded audiences. Others may find it difficult to dismiss the totality of the evidence as it's presented, or the legitimacy of its eyewitness accounts.

Directed by: Robert Hastings