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Mount Umunhum proudly stands 3,486 feet tall between San Jose, California and the Pacific Ocean. It is a sacred place for the tribal bands and indigenous people who live in the region.

According to historical facts, their ancestors prayed on this mountain for thousands of years. But in 1957 the United States government built an early warning radar station at the top of the mountain. This station operated until 1980.

Six years after it closed its operations, Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District purchased the site from the military. With the help of the Amah Mutsun tribal band, the mountaintop was restored as a sacred site.

In 2017, the place opened to the general public. The mountain is rich in spiritual heritage. It’s a place where people can go to pray, to ask for help, or to receive healing. There is a feeling of deep connection that can be sensed on the mountaintop and it’s available for all visitors to experience.

There’s not a piece of land in the United States that wasn’t originally owned by indigenous tribes. It would be good for people all over to take the time to find out which tribe their land belonged to, and to give acknowledgement to them.

True riches can be felt through a human’s relationships with other living things.