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After watching a very disturbing video on Youtube in which ISIS showed just how easily they could kill anybody who didn’t share their ideology, a group of young people decided it was time to take a stand.

They were convinced that the international community was not doing anything to help the Iraqi people who were being terrorized day and night, having to live in constant fear for their lives, not knowing when or if they would ever see their loved ones again.

This group set out to gather evidence. Their plan was to go into Iraq and document everything they saw and heard. Their goal was to find out how the international community could help get rid of the religious extremists and rebuild the country that lay mostly in ruins.

Among those they interviewed were commanders, deputy commanders, heads of charitable foundations, volunteer fighters, and regular civilians who have all seen firsthand how evil thrives when good people do nothing.

Thousands are still being held captive while others have been murdered, tortured, or raped. One commander even stated that if ISIS doesn’t get defeated in Iraq they will show up in Europe next.

According to a Deputy Commander of Makhmur, the international community should have seen this coming and acted during the years of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. He held the country hostage for years and used chemical weapons to drive out the Kurds, while the rest of the world simply looked on without a word. He believes that ISIS will be defeated when other countries come together and unite.

At the Baharka Refugee Camp, people tell stories of having to leave everything behind and run for their lives. One man tells how they left their home, but then remembered that some family members had left their IDs behind. So his father and his brother went back to get them but were kidnapped by ISIS. They have not heard from them since.

The irony is that trucks with supplies travel freely from ISIS base in Syria to the base in Iraq and nobody is stopping them. Why is this happening?  Why hasn’t the international community or the global coalition done anything to stop them? Maybe because people haven’t realized that wanting to change the world doesn’t accomplish much if you just sit back and do nothing. Evil has to be defeated.