We Are The People We've Been Waiting For

2009, Society  -  90 min Leave a Comment
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With over a seven billion, global populace, the means, the strategies, the methods must be found, and re-education is primary among them. The problem with this is that change cannot occur until that day when the large view picture can be imagined and then a new structure can be built correcting the foundational problem. The problem is "domination". Our education, schools, jobs, work, economics, government is all structured around domination, meaning controlling people like they are property and less than another, creating an elite and letting the rest suffer this is the foundation and is the failure.

Nothing can change until this is changed to "co-operation" in all structures. Education, school jobs, work, even our language, entertainment and all aspects of society are built around the childish unintelligent and animalistic concept of domination and authority. It is time to evolve to the next level of collaboration and co-operation.

Domination based competition is why the world is falling apart and humanity has destroying itself and on its way to extinction if changes are not made before it is too late. Obviously a shift from the competitive mind to the cooperative one is the most essential step. As long as the whole teaching will continue on being faster, better, smarter, quicker etc. than millions of other pupils around the world, it will only create more and more hell.

They teach children in UK to outsmart children in China, and those in China to outsmart those in Taiwan, and those in Taiwan to outsmart those in USA, and so on. This is sheer nonsense. Where will those insane competitions eventually end? It is not an education. It is an invitation to a dog eats dog worldwide war. It only generates hatred and distrust.