Weapons that Made Britain

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In this five-part series, presenter Mike Loades takes us on a fascinating tour of medieval arms and armor, and demonstrates their central role in key events in British history.

As an expert who trains people how to use medieval weapons, Mike is in a unique position to show us how these weapons were made and used and their impact on British society.

The weapons featured in the series – the sword, longbow, lance, shield and armor – each played a special role in the arms race of the Middle Ages, and Mike poses the key questions of: What do they tell us about life and society? How were they made? How were they used and by whom? How important were they?

Using a well-known battle as the focus for each programme, and talking to modern-day experts, Mike shows us the properties of each weapon and how effective it would have been in battle. We learn about much more than the weapons themselves as the series draws in themes of technology, religion, geography and even music.