What Hillary Clinton Really Represents?

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The Clintons are arguably the most prominent duo in modern political history. Given the probability of Hillary Clinton's clinching of the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, it's an ideal moment for a documentary like What Hillary Clinton Really Represents?, a pull-no-punches expose produced by the acclaimed Empire Files series. Led by ace reporter Abby Martin, the film looks beneath the election cycle rhetoric and uncovers more than a few disturbing skeletons which may be lurking in Clinton's closet.

With a bellicose and bitter tone, the film paints Clinton as the ultimate establishment candidate, and an individual who consistently protects the interests of large corporations over the benefit of the people.

She began her trek to political dominance in surprising fashion as a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater in 1964. She soon switched her party loyalty, and alongside her husband, she rose to become a major player in regional, national, and international politics.

The bulk of the film includes a complex and breathless weaving of compromises and offenses she's been accused of committing along the way. These include her long-standing alliances with the wealthiest corporations, Wall Street cronies and big banks both through her work in the political arena and the Clinton Foundation, her persistence in maintaining a U.S. presence in destabilized regions and calls for ongoing military conflict, her support of a crime bill that many view as a shameless attack on African American youth, and her profound failures of judgement in regions like Libya and Benghazi.

Much as a little-known Barack Obama did in 2008, Senator Bernie Sanders has exploited these defects in Clinton's character to his advantage. The people are listening and formed a vocal chorus of protest within the Democratic Party. This movement of the people has not penetrated the political establishment, however. The filmmakers contend that the super-delegate opposition to the will of the people is partially the result of large financial interests and lobbying powers embedded within Clinton's super PAC.

What Hillary Clinton Really Represents? is a damning indictment of a powerhouse figure in American politics, and may offer valuable food for thought for many viewers before they journey to the voting booth.