What Makes Us Human?

2012, Science  -  53 min Leave a Comment
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Is our behavior really more than a matter of animal instinct? From gorillas that use sign language to make obscene suggestions to pinheaded people who can't use language at all, pigs who have learn to hoover and sheep who fall in love, this series explores what really sets us apart from the beasts.

Evolutionary scientist Dr Armand Leroi explores how and why we became human, but instead of looking for clues in ancient fossils, he seeks out the oddities, aberrations and mutations around us in the present.

What is it that separates us from our animal cousins and makes us essentially human? For centuries, philosophers and archaeologists have asked this question, but at a fundamental level the answers have remained a mystery, until now.

Having argued that the essential difference between ape and man is our big intelligent brain, Dr Armand Leroi explores how the special qualities of this brain have enabled us to dominate the planet.