What Would It Look Like?

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We like to think that this planet is experiencing a spiritual evolution but there are no signs of it. We're still trying to invade one another's minds and we're still trying to tell each other what to do and what to think. Can we, as humanity, get our act together fast enough to be able to change our collective demeanor fast enough.

But even when Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad came, they couldn't change the minds of the people. It is a big challenge because it is very comforting to remain in the same narrative. It is very safe not to challenge the status quo around you. Human beings have within them the capacity both to make peace and to make war. Is it possible to find a solution to the conflicts?

A lot of the time the conflicts that rage and continue in the world, whether conflicts around resources, between men and women, among religions, those conflicts are fueled by the negative in us which is encouraged when we demonize one another, when we do not see ourselves being able to share and have a common understanding.

The majority of the people are not willing to give up their comforts. There are always going to be people on the outside who are willing to do something but the real people who really matter, they're not interested. And now we're talking about billions of people thinking like that in Asia, in China, in India. Everybody is dreaming of having a car and a television and a refrigerator... They're not thinking about going back to what they had before, which was very little and contentment.

We also have systems and structures that condone aggression and violence as long as it's sanctioned by the state and by the government. We have systems and structures that create and engender further and deeper separation and give it some kind of a platform for being reasonable rather than engendering and supporting deeper mutuality and oneness. And so until those systems and structures are also undermined and pulled apart then we will only see small shifts of change but not transformation.