When We Were Knights

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BASE jumping is an extreme sport that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. In 2016, there was a dramatic rise in BASE jumping deaths. Many speculate that it’s because of wingsuit flying. This is a kind of skydiving discipline that has caught the interest of many impressionable 18 to 35 year old single males.

Because of the risks involved, many BASE jumpers are encouraged to write goodbye letters in order to leave behind a legacy. The thought of dying is not uncommon among those who practice extreme sports that include free falling.

One of the most painful events one can ever witness is when a loved one dies right before your eyes. And yet, it can be a beautiful experience that gives you the privilege of having been a part of their life all the way to the end.

As it is, very few people get to live an authentic life in which they remain true to themselves. The majority gets so caught up in following the rules and regulations and ticking off milestones from a never-ending checklist that they forget to just enjoy. Who decided that we have to have a certain type of job that guarantees a certain type of stability and then marry at a certain age and start having kids? Whoever it was, sure knew how suck the joy out of life. BASE flying offers that sense of freedom that many are desperately trying to find.

This beautiful short film is a tribute to a deep friendship and a love that goes way beyond words and time. Two experienced BASE jumpers develop a bond that transcends the risk of death.