Will Work For Free

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Life is about survival and the ability to thrive. Because we just never know how long we have been on this planet, our job is to persevere and to fight against anything that might threaten that survival. The biggest threat to our well-being is quite unforeseen. It’s not a disease, terrorism, or some huge unexpected natural disaster. The biggest threat we face is a system that has ceased to be sustainable.

In order to generate growth and maintain social cohesion, people in every country need to be employed. All the people who have jobs pay taxes, but those who don’t have jobs are encouraged to apply for government aid. This redistribution is a magical system in which money is taken from those who work and handed over to those who don’t. But what happens when thousands start losing their jobs? What happens is that there’s a lot less money to hand out and a lot more people seeking assistance.

Unemployment is a massive worldwide problem. The amount of available jobs is quickly diminishing and the economy is just getting worse. As technology advances, many companies find that they have an excess of employees they don’t really need anymore because computers and robots can now do the job previously performed by humans. This means that thousands are at risk of losing their jobs, not only because of automation but also because a number of services offered by many companies are no longer necessary or attractive.

Many experts believe that in a matter of years even schools and universities as we know them might disappear. Self-organizing systems are now offering the option of receiving information such as academic instruction from computers without explicit outside intervention.

This means that businesses that offer traditional services such as legal advice and representation, translation and interpretation, engineering, photography, advertising, accounting, consulting services, and many others are on the verge of extinction. When this takes place, logically unemployment will also increase. It doesn’t really matter what you study, there will come a time when your degree and preparation will be obsolete.

Everybody’s job is vulnerable and might be affected by automation. When a product becomes obsolete, the store suffers and closes. As the state of the economy weakens, government-funded institutions like national banks, schools, and healthcare services will all be affected. What is the real solution to the problem, then? The answer might just surprise you.

Directed by: Sam Vallely