Woke Up Alive

2009, Society  -  78 min Leave a Comment
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Do you have the courage to go inside of Israel and see who really lives there? If you have strong feelings about Israel, this is a must see award winning documentary movie.

The message of the diverse people of Israel is clear - the real enemy of all peoples of the Middle East is oppression and those ideologies that stress human differences and not common humanity.

Woke Up Alive is an award-winning documentary from directors Mark Blacknell and Michael Poggenburg that offers a fresh and hopeful look at the controversial land of Israel.

Looking beyond the war, death, and man-made chaos often associated with the country, Woke Up Alive follows a more natural spontaneity to find peace, music, friendship, and most all, a sense of openness in the every day lives of the diverse people of Israel.

Woke Up Alive creates a fresh sense of the beauty and spirit of the Holy Land in all of its living diversity.