Wolverine X

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Finland's forests hide a mysterious creature - a dark shadow that has produced a comic book character. This X-beast is a wolverine, a powerful carnivore with a mythical fame. Wildlife tracker and photographer, Antti Leinonen, has spent 19 years in the wilderness of Finland and he built up an unexpected image of one delicate, untamed community.

He used every deceit to get a glimpse in the life of these secretive animals, a life that most of us can only hope of ever seeing... a life which is cheerful, quite and intensely unsafe. Through his astonishing approach this documentary is the first of its kind, exposing the wolverine in a way never before seen. It is time to disclose the reality about the Wolverine X.

Unsociable, hazardous, and gory predators... at least that's the commonly held opinion. Disliked by the public, wolverine numbers have plummeted to precariously low levels, and that's why Antti dedicated 19 years to their story. 50,000 working hours and some ingenious technology started to give results. Spending lots of time hidden in the hide is the only way to observe wild wolverines. Antti knows one Wolverine family very well and we will follow them over their ups and downs in a year when they see both tragedy and a hope for the future.

Over the years his total commitment has built up an impressive photographic record. It's valuable data that can help secure the future for these animals. What makes Antti's work so special is that these Wolverines are completely wild and very curious.

Four masked hides continuously relocated around the wilderness ensure a good spot for observing any wolverine action. The wolverine doesn't see well but he does have an extraordinary sense of smell, so Antti with his cameras and lenses needs to be very careful, not disturbing their ultra-sensitive noses. Then there's endless endurance and patience.