World’s Scariest Drug

2015, Drugs  -  36 min Leave a Comment
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VICE is back! World’s Scaries Drug finds Ryan Duffy taking us to Colombia and to see a mighty drug called Scopalamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath.” See why!The drug seems like something out of a James Bond movie – or something that Joker would unleash on the citizens of Gotham City. The drug is so potent that it can render a person completely incapable of free will.

The documentary starts with the quest for Scopalamine. The first few days are spent driving around the country and speaking to a myriad of drug dealers and clients who have gone off the deep end of the drug.  The story then takes a dark turn – a VERY dark turn.

Learn about this powerful and mysterious drug first hand through this documentary – without suffering any of the horrible side-effects.