You Can Heal Your Life

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Louise Hay has made a life out of healing people... on their own steam. She has lead the way since the 1980s on how you can heal your own life. At the forefront of the self-help field, Hay has become a Matriarchal figure to many now in the business of self-help. In the 1980s Louise Hay self-published You Can Heal Your Life, a book that has sold over 30 million copies to date, and spurred her on to build her own publishing company ‘Hay House.'

Taking the philosophy one step further, Louise Hay has stepped along with the information age and put the theories behind her book into a complementing DVD with the same name. I think the book and the DVD would probably work best hand in hand; the book for reference once it is read, and the DVD as a frequent reminder when watched of the powerful resources we hold in our own hands. Louise Hay has gathered some of the best self-help teachers, most who have seen Hay as a guiding light in their own lives, to explain the thoughts behind You Can Heal Your Life.

Very similar in format to The Secret, this DVD is easily digestible information that is both empowering and constructive. Author of The Erroneous Zones Dr Wayne Dyer, The Angel Lady Doreen Virtue, Life Makeover teacher Cheryl Richardson, Dream Interpreter Leon Nacson, medical authority and author of Women's Wisdom Women's Bodies Dr. Christiane Northrup, and medical intuitive Mona Lisa Schulz, along with a handful of other spiritual intellectuals, all give their perceptions on the philosophy that our "thoughts and our actions can equal miracles" as Richardson states.